New zPAM 3.0

Main changes and improvements against zPAM 2.07:

Prone-crouch-prone clip fix - when player goes from prone to crouch and back, enemy cannot see him - fixed:

New textures for toujane jump and bulletproof axis roof:

New textures for bulletproof carentan stairs:

New bomb damage radius

New LOD force - all models are rendered in hight detail
(this fixes ussues that enemy can be spotted behind tank from far distances)

GUI changes - adaptation to wide aspect ratio:

Weapon menu - fixed indication who is using limited weapons

New "Player options" and "Server options" menu (not fully finished)

New "Blackout" mode - when player join match in progress (for example because of 999), only map background is visible until he select a team.

Players cannot stand in the air on burgundy anymore

Players cannot jump thrught windows on dawnville; also kill-trigger was removed from second window

New texture fix for window on toujane


Fixed bugs with weapons:

- if player changes weapon from mp_44 to kar98 (for example) in starttime, he is not able to pickup mp_44 from ground anymore until round ends -> fixed
- if player change weapon from sniper to another weapon and second player change weapon to sniper (all during strattime), sniper weapon stays in slot for first player -> fixed
- limited weapons (sniper, shotgun) can be saved from previous round (so there could be 2 snipers per team) -> fixed
- when player kills somebody with grenade while he is using MG - shows MG icon instead of grenade in killfeed-> fixed

Recoded system for saving weapons at the end of the round, players will spawn always with their selected weapon even if at the end of the round he had two different weapons.

Added new cvar system - all cvars (sv_, g_, scr_) are monitored against change (not all cvars was monitored in old pam) + added warning in readyup if cvars are not equal to league rules.

Fixed bug with bind that was removing actualy playing sounds from game, like annoying sound of smoke



New zPAM 3.0 needs to be downloaded otherwise these fixes wont work!
That is reason why downloading on client side needs to be turned on (cl_allowDownload 1)
So, if you connect the server and you got this message:

please just reconnect to the server, mod will be automaticly downloaded.



Know bugs:

Slide bug (when player hits the ground he can not stop moving. It looks like he is "sliding" on the ground)
Diagonal bug (player is looking straight forward but in third person he is looking to the ground)
Defusing with F12 (player can defuse outside plant area when screenshot bind and F is pressed at one time)
Smoke is not visible if player press F12 or game window is minimized
When some player plays with BAR weapon, all other players can hearing sounds of changing weapon on their side (happends when player with BAR is switching between BAR and pistol)
When player is defusing and he use binoculars - its seems like he is not defunsing and zooming with weapon (but weapon is not visible)
Fast reload bug - if player hit fire, when hit R to realod, when scrolls down to change weapon 2x and then fire faster
MG clip bug - if you prone behind MG and press F to take it, enemy see you with a delay



Testing server: